Step-by-step instructions on how to better document for SRED 

Check out our guides below on Jira, Trello and GIT, and how they can help prepare for SRED.

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ENTAX can help you with documentation of SR&ED claims by providing upfront education about the SR&ED program, as well as through process consulting. We are available to prepare claims on your behalf, as well as to review your claims prior to filing to ensure that you have the strongest claim possible.

We’ve also made a few, FIRST IN CANADA, software tools to assist with the gathering of technical information, SREDTrak for Jira, and SREDBot for Slack. As specialists in SR&ED, we can offer a number of different options and services to ensure that your SR&ED claims are optimized and defensible to the CRA. Please contact us for a no-fee initial consultation on how we can improve your SR&ED claim processes today.

3 Parts to SR&ED Compliant Documentation Process

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It establishes the potential eligibility of work as SR&ED.

In other words, you know or think it could be possible SR&ED work.


It establishes the extent of work identified in Question 1 as SR&ED.

In other words, you can track it back to the actual SR&ED expenses which in the case of software is represented in time spent.


It is contemporaneous in nature and reinforces consistent logging.

In other words, there is an element of correctness, control and accuracy because it’s done as close to real-time as possible.

SR&ED Benefits

By investing in research and development through the SR&ED program, businesses can reduce their income taxes payable while benefiting from the innovative products and services they will produce. This incentive provides businesses with the resources to help them take their innovative ideas and turn them into reality.

Earn refundable credits

By investing in SR&ED, businesses can get access to tax credits that can be used to offset their income taxes payable.

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Reduce income taxes payable

Invest more into research and develop innovative products to help your business gain a competitive edge. This incentive is an excellent way to grow your business while staying true to your mission.

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Reap the benefits of innovation

SR&ED is a great way to foster innovation, stimulate growth, and contribute to the development of new products and services.

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