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Since 2014, our SR&ED consultants have helped businesses of all sizes, from small seed and venture-funded startups to large multinational organizations obtain over $150 million in tax credits and government incentives.

  • “…Extremely technically knowledgeable …able to identify and extract SR&ED eligible work from large statements of work in a short period of time. As a result, we were able to claim significant amount of tax credits through Ryan and his team’s SR&ED efforts. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for SR&ED help”

    D. Chiang
    Finance Manager, Boeing Canada
  • “ENTAX is one of the most honest and reliable companies we have ever worked with. Not only they charge a very reasonable fee, but they also provide an excellent job of getting you the maximum refund, and at the same time keeping the claim compatible with CRA rules”

    Kamyar Asadibeiky
    CEO, President & Founder, Machool Technologies Ltd.
  • “Ryan did excellent work for Aquatic Informatics. He provided valuable insight into the process, great advice on technical details and delivered reliable follow-through. I would strongly recommend Ryan and hope to work with him again in the future.”

    D. Ferguson
    Vice President, Finance, Aquatic Informatics
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SR&ED Claim Preparation

We draw on our years of successful SR&ED claim experience and technology to ensure your company qualifies, maximizes and optimizes all available government funding opportunities while staying compliant with regulatory requirements.

Our Process

Our SREDmax™ system is made up of seven steps in the development of your SR&ED claim. It includes SR&ED Tax Form (T661) input, technical project writeup(s), and SR&ED activities costing related to employees, contractors, materials, government assistance, and capital.

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SR&ED Consulting

We specialize in helping clients with their SR&ED claim review and audit defense needs. Our experienced team can provide you with a full assessment of the technical and financial risks associated with your claim. We’re also knowledgeable in all relevant documentation processes and best practices, as well as providing guidance on how to best prepare for any CRA field reviews, Notice of Objections or Tax Appeals.

Our Consulting

Tax Accounting and Planning Services

We provide comprehensive services to help companies with SR&ED refundability and Comfort Letter consulting. We understand the intricate details associated with expenditure limits, taxable capital calculations, and other key components of SR&ED financing deals.

Accounting and Planning

R&D and Technical Team Consulting

Our personalized consulting approach helps you identify and optimize areas for improvement in the SR&ED documentation process. We also offer engineering practice evaluations to ensure that your activities meet SR&ED eligibility requirements. Finally, we help you create SR&ED documentation best practices for your team.

R&D and Tech

SR&ED “Special Situation”

Our experts can help you assess the scope of your research and development activities, analyze potential government funding opportunities, structure partnerships for LP/GP tax credits, handle contracting issues related to SR&ED, and develop joint R&D arrangements. Additionally, we can advise US companies that are looking to set up Canadian subsidiaries for their research and development activities.

Special Situation

Provincial Tax Credits

We also specialize in provincial tax credits, such as the British Columbia Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (BCIDMTC), Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (OIDMTC, Alberta Innovation Employment Grant, and Eligible Business Corporation (EBC Eligible Corporation) applications.

Provincial Tax Credits

Government Funding Assessment and Application

We take the hassle out of government funding. We’ll provide you with comprehensive guidance and assistance to ensure your application is successful for organizations including IRAP, WINN, Canada Media Fund, MITACS, and more.

Government Funding

SREDmax™ Methodology 

How It Works

01. Intake and Research

We take time to conduct rigorous scientific background research to ensure we clearly understand all aspects of our clients’ needs. This allows us to build an accurate picture of our clients’ R&D landscape.

02. Claim Strategy and Scoping

We approach every project with intense focus on detail. With all our clients, we perform a high-level scope review to identify the eligibility of your SR&ED claim and scope of eligible expenses.

03. Technical Positioning and Report Development

Once the client approves the scope of work and strategy, we apply our technical expertise to develop the SR&ED claim report and all required documentation.

04. Financial Workup and Claim Maximization

We collect and gather all financial data electronically or through our team of financial experts. Our experienced financial team carefully verifies each amount before it’s passed through a rigorous calculation system for accuracy.

05. Benchmark Check and Review

We double check our work through an internal review to ensure that the SREDmax™ system has been applied and the client’s claim is optimized and maximized for their approval.

06. Client Approval and Submission

At this stage, all deliverables are sent to the client for review and approval.

07. Claim Wrap Up and Follow Up with CRA

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring your tax forms are properly prepared and submitted to the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).

SR&ED Vancouver Consulting Firm

SR&ED Vancouver Consulting Firm

ENTAX is an experienced SR&ED tax incentive consultant with a team of skilled experts that’s been combining engineering and tax for over 10 years to help clients maximize their SR&ED credits with minimal effort. 

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Our blog provides useful tips, techniques, and advice to help you understand SR&ED and get the most out of our services. We’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest industry trends and news so you can make informed decisions and maximize your financial success.

SR&ED Resources & FAQs

Have questions about the SR&ED process or want more information? We’ve compiled a list of helpful SR&ED resources to get you started. 

What is SR&ED

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) is a federal tax incentive program offered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). It provides businesses who conduct SR&ED in Canada generous incentives in the form of tax credits, deductions, and refunds, allowing them to keep more of the money they earn from their ventures.

About SR&ED

Documentation for SR&ED

Good documentation practices can be one of the keys to success in submitting SR&ED claims. Documentation helps you keep track of important deadlines, reduces errors and mistakes, enhances operational planning, and facilitates the onboarding process for new staff.

SR&ED Documentation

Top 10 FAQs about SR&ED

What is SR&ED? What qualifies for SR&ED? What are the rates of return on SR&ED? How do I file a SR&ED claim?

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