Our Commitment

The SR&ED program may be complex but our promises to you are very simple. In every engagement letter we state, in plain language, ENTAX’s commitment to you and to our work:  


We’re there for you.

We will always provide you a clear understanding of the project scope, project timeline, and fees associated with our work.

You will always know the status of your SR&ED claim.

We listen & respond.

As a client, every request made to us, both in writing or via phone, will be acknowledged within 1 business day at the most and, if possible, on the same business day.

We’ll communicate & collaborate.

We will tell you the issues we currently see, foresee and expect on your SR&ED claim.

Our communications to you will be clear and straightforward.


We stand by all our work. All our final work and CRA deliverables are peer reviewed and signed off by you, the client. This ensures that you are being represented accurately, factually and legally.

Our professional team collaborates efficiently with you to deliver specialized and trusted government funding and SR&ED program advice. 


We ran a comprehensive, national search for a SR&ED consultant, and got proposals back from a number of well-known SR&ED advisors. Ryan and the team at ENTAX were the clear winners, and the last 4 years he and his team have proven repeatedly that we made the right decision. Unlike other firms, who will take you through a flashy sales process then pass you off to a Jr. Associate, ENTAX has walked us through the process every year. Through millions of dollars in claims, ENTAX has advised us on how to legitimately maximize our claims while minimizing the likelihood of on audit.