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Working with us can help you leverage your expertise, resources and knowledge to achieve greater results for your clients than accessing SR&ED credits on your own. By partnering up, businesses of all sizes have access to the resources they need to make their R&D projects successful.

Unlike large accounting firms and national practices, we don’t use SR&ED as a way to win business for other areas of their practice, such as tax compliance, tax planning, audit and financial advisory services. We specialize in SR&ED and that allows us to be experts at what we do. Let us help you by working together.

Our Process for Partners and Affiliates

No matter the size of your business or scope of your project, SR&ED partnerships can be a great way to get the most out of your R&D efforts. Working together can help you access new research capabilities, tap into specialized talents and create innovative solutions that could not have been achieved on your own. 

We’re a reputable, full-service firm and strive to develop long term, mutually beneficial relationships. Whether you are an accountant, bookkeeper, tax practitioner, financial adviser, or lawyer we welcome and appreciate your referrals to our practice.

We’re transparent

We’ll always provide you with a clear understanding of the project scope, timelines, and fees associated with our work. You will always know the status of your SR&ED claim.

We listen and respond

All client requests, whether made in writing or by phone, will be acknowledged within one business day or less.

We communicate and collaborate

We’ll let you know in advance if we see, foresee, or expect any issues with your SR&ED claim. We commit to clear, timely, and straightforward communications with each one of our clients.

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