CFO's and Tax Executives



As the financial executive in your company, we understand your needs when it comes to SR&ED.


You want:

  • A reputable firm that works well with your engineering team, has sound knowledge, and can manage the risk.  We bring the right technical experience and combine it with specific domain expertise in SR&ED and only SR&ED.  We know what we’re good at and stick to it.
  • Professionals with a professional background. Our Principal have been employed as Senior Managers at the SR&ED practices of PwC and Meyers Norris Penny (MNP) and have done SR&ED claims as large as $20 Million. We bring a big firm quality and risk management mindset with the agility and client service of a boutique firm. We are not a fly-by-night or "one man shop". We know what CFO's want. 
  • A firm that makes promises it can deliver.  No missed timelines and empty promises. We assign a dedicated Project Manager and provide you with a clear escalation path.


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We ran a comprehensive, national search for a SR&ED consultant, and got proposals back from a number of well-known SR&ED advisors. Ryan and the team at ENTAX were the clear winners, and the last 4 years he and his team have proven repeatedly that we made the right decision. Unlike other firms, who will take you through a flashy sales process then pass you off to a Jr. Associate, ENTAX has walked us through the process every year. Through millions of dollars in claims, ENTAX has advised us on how to legitimately maximize our claims while minimizing the likelihood of on audit.
ENTAX is one of the most honest and reliable companies we have ever worked with. Not only they charge a very reasonable fee, but they also provide an excellent job of getting you the maximum refund, and at the same time keeping the claim compatible with CRA rules.
Kamyar Asadibeiky - CEO, President & Founder, MACHOOL TECHNOLOGIES LTD.
Ryan did excellent work for Aquatic Informatics. He provided valuable insight into the process, great advice on technical details and delivered reliable follow-through. I would strongly recommend Ryan and hope to work with him again in the future.
D. Ferguson, VP Finance, Aquatic Informatics

Collectively, we have many years of professional SR&ED Experience. Our consultants have experience at Big 7 Accounting Firms, and industry experience at Top Tier Engineering companies.

Our specific expertise include numerous claims done in the following industries:

  • Software Development/IT
  • Digital Media - Social, Mobile and Gaming
  • Electronics
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Clean Tech

We offer a full-breath of services and can do end-to-end processing, filing and defending of SR&ED claims.  We also offer very flexible fee structures depending on your needs. 

Learn more about ENTAX here. Discover why we’re different and why we can help you reach your company's financial objectives and capital requirements.




We preach innovation. We practice it too!

ENTAX offers a suite of software solutions that enables clients to improve their SR&ED program compliance and results. Specifically targeted towards R&D teams, these solutions are easy to install, support and maintain. Even better, they integrate into your current R&D tools.

No other SR&ED consulting firm offers the same breath and depth of solutions as we do. Try them out now or book a demo to learn more about how we can improve your SR&ED documentation processes. 





Improves SR&ED tracking in Atlassian's JIRA Cloud.
As a JIRA Add on, SREDtrak deploys easily to your JIRA Cloud instance for native SR&ED documentation and reporting with minimal overhead.
Get easier and better SR&ED tracking and reporting in JIRA now.




SREDbot app improves SR&ED tracking for Slack users.


Through our bot AI, SREDbot app automates all data collection and summarizes SR&ED related information for easy documentation.


SREDbot acts like a virtual SR&ED consultant.


Download the Slack App to improve SR&ED tracking in your Slack #channels now. 




For Enterprises


For large enterprises that have geographically dispersed R&D teams.


SREDcollect improves the scoping and data collection process for complex R&D organizations to help discover, sort and organize SR&ED eligible projects.


Perfect for Tax Managers whom are responsible for SR&ED program compliance but lack R&D team visibility.