Our policy is to provide the most competitive and value based fees as possible. There are a variety of fee options so please speak with us to discuss the best option for your project.


The fee options generally available are as follows:


Our fee ranges from $75 per hour to $250 per hour depending on the level of experience required.

Once we've identified the scope of work we can deliver an hourly fee range and estimate to you.


For full service claims, we offer contingency fees which are based on a percentage of the Tax Credits received. Typically, this is payable after all funds have been received from CRA and after all potential audits have been settled. The fee percentage range is from the low-teens to the mid-twenties.

The range is based on the level of assumed risk in the claim with naturally the riskier claims requiring the higher contingency percentage.


Fixed fees are normally charged when the scope of work is known, there is a history of SR&ED claims or for smaller consulting-type engagements.

We can work with your budget on a service solution that best meets your needs.


We value your business and our client relationships. Our fee commitment to our clients will always be as follows:


  • We will offer full transparency and disclosure on our fee structure and work terms ahead of commencing any work. 
  • There will be no surprises and no additional charges that have not been agreed upon in writing.
  • If our work requires a change of scope and subsequent estimated fee then we will notify you immediately and get your commitment to perform the work as requested.


Feel free to book a meeting with us at no charge to discuss the fee options and to give you the best value possible for your SR&ED consulting needs.


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