Posted by rpernia on October 29, 2018

CRA Workshop - Common Issues in SR&ED Software Claims

Recap of the CRA workshop held in September 2018 on SR&ED issues common in the ICT (IT/Software) sectors.

Posted by rpernia on September 12, 2018

Why do R&D in Canada?

Why is Canada such an attractive place to do R&D? Here is a list of some great reasons and also some great Government funding and incentive programs that help emerging tech companies.

Posted by rpernia on April 19, 2015

Top 10 SR&ED Mistakes

Just in time for filing season - a list of the top 10 SR&ED claim mistakes I've found.

Posted by rpernia on February 24, 2015

A 10 step SR&ED Audit Survival Guide

Filing a claim that is defendable and will survive a CRA review (audit) has become a significant part of our jobs. Based on my experience, here are ten tips that will help you navigate a potential SR&ED audit.

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