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SREDbot is Canada’s first Slack app for better SR&ED documentation.

Make beautiful software, stay Agile and let SREDbot do the work. If you use Slack for your software R&D but can’t figure out how to keep good SR&ED related documentation – just let SREDbot do the work!

Documentation requirements for Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) work takes extra work and overhead.  Once installed, SREDbot works like a virtual SR&ED Consultant. Working in the background and not too annoying, SREDbot can help reduce the risk, help document and help optimize in your SR&ED work as you work within Slack.

  • Hate more documentation?
  • Hate timesheets?
  • Hate your SR&ED process?
  • But LOVE Slack?  


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SREDbot can help you...

  • Document your SR&ED eligible work as you collaborate in Slack
  • Scope potential SR&ED projects by finding key SR&ED words and phrases used in your R&D. 
  • Qualify what could be SR&ED eligible
  • Assign SR&ED tasks to other R&D team members
  • Keep a record of SR&ED activity in a dedicated #sred channel for your end of year filing

SREDbot works easily with your existing Slack team space.


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We aren't your usual SR&ED Consultants. We preach innovation and we practice it too! SREDbot is FREE with your registration!




Contact or call 604-343-1185 for a FREE demo or if you have any questions. We would be happy to do a demo and show how SREDbot for Slack can be used in your company. 


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