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Thank you for registering SREDbot for Slack!

You should have received an email to complete your installation. 

Bookmark this page for helpful information on how to install, use and support SREDbot for Slack.


You must create a #sred channel in your workspace before you can use SREDbot. SREDbot uses this to keep SR&ED related information and acts as a virtual "logbook" for SR&ED related activity for your end of year SR&ED claim processes.  The screens below will help you create a #sred channel. You must be the administrator to add this channel. 


Step 1 - Click on Create New Channel Button.png
Step 2 - Create a sred Channel.png


To get started, you should see a direct message from sredbot. 

In the #sred channel invite sredbot to the channel. This now allows sredbot to take control of the SR&ED conversations.

If you want to look through past work and tag it as SR&ED - here's what you can do:

  • Invite sredbot to any number of channels as you want. sredbot can now work silently in the back to help document SR&ED issues.



If you want to see how SREDbot can help you document your work now - ask it to ..


Here are helpful SREDbot commands you can use:

/invite - You can /invite SREDbot to any group discussion and I will help and follow up with anything that sounds like it could be SR&ED eligible.  

/sred assign - Assign a task for follow up or documentation with another team member. You can /sred assign @user 'SR&ED topic' if there is another person on your team responsible for this area. 



For any support issues or feedback on SREDbot please email us at


Updates and Known Issues

Release 1.0 - Release to market July 13, 2016. 


Privacy & Security

SREDbot for Slack was developed by ENTAX Services Inc. ENTAX does not store your personal or Slack information. Use of this Slack app does not constitute a warranty or guarantee or the results or outcome of your SR&ED Claim. 


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